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About Marjorie Dettling

Marjorie Dettling is well known for the love of nature and expression of the aesthetic beauty of the florals and landscapes she paints.


Her Garden Scenes paintings are inspired by her memory of her own lovely gardens. The canvases are filled with moving skies and brilliant flowers. All are vibrant with color, boldness of texture and lush foliage, creating a visual delight for the eye.


Marjorie enjoys alternating between landscapes and large abstracts. She feels that part of the challenge to being an artist is to keep moving to new techniques, different subject matter and designs. Texture in her abstracts is most important. She applies the paint with her palette knife in thick strokes, creating many rich layers and raised edges.


Evident in her canvases are the influence of many years on the Great Lakes and in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Even in her abstracts, the viewer feels the strong evocation of nature. The paintings suggest broad expansions of mountains, luminescent clouds, streams and waterfalls.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rosemont College and a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Akron. Marjorie studied art with Sister Matilda, Larry Quackenbush, Eugene Bell, Jack Richard, and Kathleen Whitmer. She is married to Dr. John Dettling and they have five Children.

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