Garden Scenes

tulips in vase 11x14
Wildflower Inlet 16x16
Seacoast Garden 16x20
Tulips 14 x 11
Wind in the Meadow 30x36
Refuge 40x40
Wetlands in Bloom II 44x36
Yellow Cascade 30x30
Wetlands in Bloom 40x40
Wetland Sanctuary 18x24
Water Symphony 16x20
Virginia Garden 30x40
View from the Garden 24x30
Ventura Vineyards 8x10
Tulips II 14x14
Wind in the Meadow II 30x36
Tulips 8x8
Tulips #179 10x8
Tulip Walk 28x22
Tulip Patch 24x18
Tulip March 40x40
Tranquility 24x30
Summer's Glory 40x40
Summerscape 30x24
The Boathouse 16x20
The Boathouse- with frame
The Ledges 24x8
Three Irises 14x11
Three Peonies 8x8
Summer Splendor 30x24
Summer Magic 32x38
Summer Harvest 9x12
Summer flow 40x40
Summer Flair 30x30
Summer Finale 40x40
Springtime Splendor 24x24
Spring Charm II 30x30
Spring Magic 24x24
Spring Palette 40x40
Spring Pastels 14x18 (2)
Spring Pastels 14x18
Spring Surge 24x18
Springtime 16x20
Spring Charm II 30x30_001
Spring Charm 30x30
Spring Bouquet 30x30
Spring Bouquet 11x14
Spring Ablaze 24x20
Solitude 18x24
Small & Miniatures
Rosemary's Yellow  40x30
Rural Retreat 24x24
Sea View 16x20
Seaside Garden 16x20
Serenity 36x36
Small & Miniatures II
Rose Bouquet 8x10
Riverview 24x30
River Through the Wetlands 18x24
River Garden 16x20
Quiet Retreat 24x18
Primrose Path III 18x18
Poppies 10x8
Poppy Grove 40x30
Poppy Patch 16x20
Poppy Path 24x30
Prairie Pastels 11x14
Primrose Path 24x24
Poppies 8x8
Pond at Twilight 20x16
Pinks in the Meadowland 24x24
Pinks and Purples 30x30
Pink Parade 18x18
Pink Bouquet 28x22 2
Perennial Promise 30X30
Mediterranean Seaside 18x24
Morning Mist 11x14
Morning Pathway 30x24
Mountain Garden 22x30
Noontime Gathering 16x16
Patio Gardening 24x24
Meander Lake 8x10
Lavender Lane 24x18
Lavender Charm 30x40
Lakeside 18x24
Lake Scene 8x10
Lake Granby lll 16x20
Lake Granby ll 16x20
Iris Showcase 18x18
Irises 36x48
June Awakening 30x36
June Bloom 24x24
Karrie's Vase 36x36
Lake Granby 16x20
Hidden Treasure 11x14
Harmony Hill 11x14
Green Vase 10x8
Green Valley 22x30
Green River 2 30x30
Gatekeeper's Garden 14x11
Enchanted Garden oval 16x20
Enchanted Pathway 24x24
Expectation 36x36
Fantasy Garden 8x8
Foxglove 8x8
Garden Escape 20x24
Garden Retreat 30x24
Daylily Delight 24x24
Daisey Dance 18x18
Daffodils 14x11.
Daffodils 8x8
Crystal Bouquet 36x36
Charleston Garden 30x40
Congratulations 8x10
Container Gardening 24x24
Country     Stream 16x16
Country Charm 16x20
Country Hideaway 18x24
Courtyard Planting 24x24
By the shore 16x20
Butterfly Watch 30x24
Brookside Blossoms 18x24
Bravo 16x20
Blue Vista 18x18
Blue Vase 10x8
Blue Vase 8x10
Blooms and Boats 16x20
Blue Bouquet 36x36
Blue Creek 8x10
Blue Inlet 40x40
Blue Morning II 24x24
Blue Pond 18x24
Bay View 18x24
Barns and Blooms 8x10
Afternoon Splendor 24x24
A June Stroll 16x16
3 inch miniatures
#182 Poppies 8x8
#181 Primrose IV 24x24
#173 14x11
#174 8x8